Discovery In A Bottle

Shortly before our move I came across this great post at Pre-School Play on making Discovery Bottles, and I knew we had to make some for car trip entertainment.  While I wanted to make all of them I only managed to make a magnetic one with Manly when he woke up early one afternoon from naps.

When I saw the pipe cleaner I love it, but since I can't leave well enough alone we went through the house finding pipe cleaners, paper clips, and a few other metal objects to add in.  I also thought it would be fun to add in a few non-magnetic items so he could see the difference.  He had tons of fun dropping everything in!

And then for a good twenty minutes he had even more fun using our magnetic wand to pull as many things up the side of the bottle as possible. 
Normally I seal the lids on our exploration bottles so I don't have leaky messes, but I didn't on this bottle because I thought it would be fun to change out the items inside from time to time. 

Hours of fun from a plastic bottle and a magnetic wand!  

Anonymous –   – (September 6, 2012 at 10:43 PM)  

What a cute idea! I'm sure that these would keep little one quite busy.

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