Til The Last Shot's Fired

A very dear friend and I have recently been talking about praying for peace in our homes.  As we've both endeavored to be more purposeful about those prayers we've been amazed at how the Lord has answered.

In honor of Veteran's Day, and in honor of my husband our family will also begin praying for peace in the world and for those who serve our country so faithfully.

I'm short on words as I ponder over this this morning, but I think this song, by Trace Adkins and the West Point Glee Club, captures my heart pretty well.  

There are many wonderful versions of this song, but in honor of the Marine Corps' 237th birthday yesterday I chose this one.  Happy birthday to all of the Marines out there.  Thank you for your sacrifice! 
(If you are reading this in a reader or email you will need to come over to the blog to see the video.)


It Won't Be Like This For Long

I remember vividly the first time I held my little Bitsy in my arms.  Over the last several years we've had lots of firsts, and I generally try not to get to emotional over them, but today when she lost her first tooth and her daddy wasn't there to see it I have to admit I was a little emotional.  Let's call it pregnancy hormones. 

I'm not sure when or how it happened but my little girl, my baby, is growing up.  She was so excited she wanted to call all of her grandparents and she wanted me to take lots and lots of pictures! 

You can't stop time, but you can try to record it.  I want to remember that smiling face, holding her little tooth, telling grandma how she just tugged on it a little and it popped right out.  I want to remember this moment.


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