Goodbye 2013

If I had to sum last year up with one picture, it would absolutely be this one. 

Fire seemed to be a theme for us last year. 
We started with a blaze of glory, and the birth of our fourth sweet angel, but even his birth was a refiner's fire.  Our sweet baby and I almost left this world together during his birth.

Shortly there after the Lord lit another match for us, and our life in the military was very suddenly over, and we entered the world of the unemployed.  We also entered the civilian world for the first time in over ten years.  Sometimes the light the Lord gave us was so bright we felt blinded by it, but the truth is, HE IS THE LIGHT AND WE NEVER WALK IN DARKNESS WHEN WE WALK WITH HIM.

We ended the year gathered around the light of the fire in our fireplace as a family, whole, intact, and healing.

With one little match I started that blaze pictured above.  It was so hot you could feel the heat from it over fifty yards away.  We needed to clear debris to start building something new.  It felt good to burn it down and watch it disappear.  Sometimes in life don't we all need to clear out the debris?

The Lord is still leading us like a pillar of fire through the wilderness.  I hope the path is gentler this year.  I hope there aren't burning blazes, but instead candles that we can put in our candlesticks.  I hope this year that we will be filled with hope.

Anonymous –   – (January 12, 2014 at 3:43 PM)  

I love this post and love your heart!!!!! -- transparent among the flames. You are so greatly missed in my neck of the country and do "HOPE" that this year ahead will include blogging so that I can feel part of your life.

Michelle  – (January 14, 2014 at 9:38 AM)  

While for different reasons, 2013 was also hard year for us. I am only beginning to heal as I look reflectively back on '13 and focus on rebuilding in '14. Praying for healing as you embrace a new year. So happy to see you!

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