Let's Click {jan.20~jan.26}

{Jan. 20}  For Family Home Evening we watched the video from our anniversary, and little V ran off to find a picture on the shelf.  It was on of our wedding pictures, and she recognized it from the video and stood there showing us all.
 {Jan. 21} Snow ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce. Yum!
 {Jan. 22} Baking cranberry bread and cranberry cookies to try and keep the house warm with 18 degree temps outside, and a heater that couldn't keep up.  This was all that was left by the time I thought to take a picture.
 {Jan. 23} Dress up time!  S's bear hat and bear shirt made me giggle.
{Jan. 24} I didn't want to be invasive so I didn't take an action shot.  Sweet E got up from lunch, and I glimpsed her walking past the kitchen reading the scriptures as she traveled.  I hope she'll always have that love for the word of the Lord!
{Jan. 25} A date with my husband grocery shopping and running errands, followed by lunch out as a family.  All courtesy of Grandma!
{Jan. 26} V's path of muffin tins and bread pans.

We finally had snow this week, and took time off from our regular schedule to have some FIAR time, which I hope to share more of later.  The temperatures were frigid so we tried to balance enjoying the snow, and keeping warm and dry.  There was lots of baking, reading, and cuddling under blankets.  That's the kind of week I love!

Anonymous –   – (January 28, 2014 at 1:09 AM)  

Lots of memories here! The baking looks and sounds delicious. I haven't baked really since Christmas and you've put me in the mood..ha!

Enjoy that cold wintry weather, cuddled under the blankets with all those good books.

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