Just In Case

I'm still officially on my break, but when I saw this video today I just had to share it in case someone else needed to see it just as much as I did.


Two Thumbs Up

The year started out with such regular posts, and then came March...  We moved for the third time in nine months, and there was so much unpacking, and cleaning,and schooling, and so little energy.  I promised people I was going to post again, but never made the time, so here I am with a brief explanation and to announce that it's still going to be several months before I post regularly again.

The goods news is, we're all okay.  See... even our new little girls says so.

Yup, that's right, we are being blessed with our fifth little angel, and she's so cute that she gave me a thumbs up during our ultrasound.  Can I just tell you, I love this girl's spunk already?  She's just the optimist her mamma needs!!!  (I think the sonographer was incredible too, to actually capture the image!)

Gratefully I've been feeling much better this time, but I'm still exhausted, umm... most of the time!  :)  So I've been conserving my energy to unpack, clean, and keep homeschooling and loving my little ones.

Please pardon the quiet here.  I've gone back and forth about coming back to post more often, but it just can't be my priority right now, so I'll be back sometime after the New Year.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas.  Oh, and would you pray I'm not eating turkey in a hospital bed?!


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