Where We've Been and Where We're Going...

Shall we do a quick catch up?  Since my last post we've...

 had a joyful Christmas season...
and the baptism of this beautiful girl! 
We've taken tons of fun field trips, like this one to the Monocacy National Battlefield, 
or this one to our house.  Yup, we're still working on it. 
We've spent lots of time with family, 
and ran a 5k together.  I did a Couch to 5k program, and my family joined me on my color run.  SO FUN!! 
We started our summer off with an indoor reading pool party. 
Then enjoyed some more field trips, like this one at the National Zoo in DC,  
or this one to one of our library's summer reading programs.   
The rest of our summer was spent swimming, playing, and visiting our local parks.  This was our first family mini-golf experience. 
We started our school year off with some more field trips.  We went to the local Piscataway Museum, 
and apple picking. 
We've done some arts and crafts.  (That's a pig nose, elephant trunk, and mole nose in case you couldn't quite guess.) 
Everyone was really excited to gather firewood for our camping trip.  Luckily that huge branch missed the house when it fell down, but it sure kept us warm at our camp fire! 
We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa on the coldest day of the year.  (It's a tradition!) 
Normally we avoid trick or treating like the plague, but we made an exception this year to go downtown to Embassy Row.  One word, AMAZING!!!  
Oh, and we even carved those pumpkins we picked from the patch.

I think that about hits the high points...except for the one that explains my noticeable absence.  About two years ago, you know, when it felt like our lives were being completely upended, because they were; well during that time hubby and I got some pretty strong inspiration about what was coming next for our family.  We kept it to ourselves and a few very close friends who prayed and waited with us, and now we're ready to share.  

Just after baby J was born last autumn our lives became a whirlwind.  There was an six hour job interview, clearances, a wait list, an official offer, and then finally a bid list.  After 18 months of waiting with no real progress, all of that happening in 6 months was mind boggling, literally and figuratively!

So, where exactly are we going?

Well, we're going to Montenegro!!

And we're really excited!!

In the three months since we've found out there have been medical clearances, customs forms, passports, lots of training for Steve, and plenty of lessons in Serbian.  

In the next two months there will be immunization, movers, hotel stays, and a fourteen hour flight.

Through all of it there's also absolutely been the hand of the Lord.  We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the State Department, and to represent our country in many other lands.  This is right where God wants us, and we couldn't be happier!!

P.S.  I'm still working on how exactly to journal our journey, but this change has definitely inspired me to do a better job of recording our experiences.  In theory I'll be doing that here, but I may also do it privately to better protect our little family.  I'll keep you posted.


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