Full Up

I wish this picture did justice to what I actually saw, but it pretty much sums up the last month.  Every time I've felt like the darkness and fog are going to surround me, suddenly there's this light glowing through it all.  It's breathtakingly amazing!  (If you had actually been on my porch with me that night you would have an seen the most unbelievable purple shining through the extremely dense fog.)  Here are a few of my captured blessings from the month.

The month has been full of outings, including two date nights with my amazing husband!  On our second date we were able to go see new "Wonder" exhibit at the Renwick Gallery, followed by a short walk to the National Christmas Tree, that had been lit about an hour earlier!
After a few very exhausting days around Thanksgiving a wonderful friend surprised me by leaving this beautiful bouquet on my doorstep to cheer me. 
 This little girl fell in love with a beautiful nightgown that was shared with her by a much older cousin.  She's my very own old fashioned dress up doll.

We've been full of treats, including some special deliveries from Australia, Cookie Monster, and my personal favorite, our very own gingerbread turkey.  I was even inspired to create in my kitchen and make yummy apple nachos.  Creating in the kitchen is on of my favorite things, and after a batch of really discouraging days, it felt so good to create.  My kiddos were over the moon to help me make it, and then stick there fingers in and enjoy it!

 Our yard was FULL up with leaves, and then one Saturday we were blessed to have about fifteen people from church descend on our yard with leaf blowers, rakes, and bags.  By the time they finished there were close to 50 bags full of leaves.  They accomplished more in 45 minutes than we could have done on our own in four hours.  When I asked if we could help they told me to go in and rest instead.  What a blessing!  
 We've also been full of celebrations.  Of course we had Thanksgiving, but my favorite celebration for the month has been the life of this precious angel!  I don't remember what life was like without her.  It's certainly brighter with her. 
We've also had full dumpsters as we continue to eliminate the unnecessary, and the tissues from wiping eyes at early goodbyes, and some other hard moments.  Thanks to a very wonderful and dear friend the heavens have been filled with prayers, and my gratitude list is getting fuller as I choose to slow down and focus on all of these blessings.

I hope your days are full of the good things too!


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