Night Lights

Shortly after my last post we went on a family outing to do one of our favorite things...look at Christmas lights.  We were lucky enough to combine the lights with a trip to one of our favorite places...the zoo!  

 The zoo has a gingerbread habitat contest every year, and we're were amazed by the creations people had made. Their creativity and skill was really inspiring!

 In addition to the beautiful lights we also enjoyed a ride on the carousel, some snow-less tubing, and a short trip on a train through the farm animal area.

Our new home country doesn't have a zoo, so it seemed like it was worth documenting our last visit, even if the only wildlife we saw was made out of lights!

... chasing slow  – (January 7, 2016 at 2:25 PM)  

Looks similar to our night with lights! The gingerbread displays look so cute :)

I love that you are blogging more. If you want a little bit of inspiration, I'm doing a really simple 52-week lists project (on my blog). I think it will be so easy to have a year of really quick journal moments to remember. Hope you'll join me!!!

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