It's been a busy month and it's going to take a couple of posts and a couple of days to catch up, but I'm going to give it a shot.  I wouldn't be so behind, except that, well, I caught something.  

Go big or go home my husband always says.  I went big, and I wanted to go home.  In fact somewhere around day seven of this fifteen day occurrence I had a plan of how exactly to go home.  In my feverish, aching head it was beautiful.  Luckily my body wouldn't cooperate, because I don't really think there's a realm in the world in which 15 hours of travel is going to go well when you have whatever it is I had.  

Thankfully whatever it is I had, (the doctor think food poisoning since no one else caught it) has now passed, and so has my desire to go anywhere on a plane with five children for fifteen hours.  So we can get back to enjoying Montenegro again.  Ready?!  Here we go!
 You'll be surprised to hear we had more rain, wait, no you won't because that's what it does here in the winter.  The surprise is that nasty brown layer of funk.  Our housekeeper calls it "the dirty rain from Africa".  My husband tells me that while that's not a complete scientific explanation of the situation, she's correct, and essentially dust storms blow over and cause it to rain mud here.  It's disgusting, I assure you!
 After three weeks of delay the rest of our boxes finally arrived, thrilling doesn't even begin to describe it.  We managed to get everything unpacked in three days, although we're still rearranging a little.
 For some reason the movers brought W's bike into the apartment.  He had great fun riding along the hallway, and we always knew where he was when he was ringing his bell.  I've reminded everyone now that bike's are outside toys, no matter how long the hallway is.  (His trunk was put to good use moving books for a day though.)  :)
 It hailed, A LOT!  That was in fact a surprise!
 Our local International School has been very welcoming, and let E participate in their first ever pinewood derby.  She competed last year at church, and was so excited to do it again.  She won both of her races!!
 V has been doing arts and crafts once a week at the school and is always so proud of her creations!
E has been taking dance classes at the school and participated in the talent show.  She has only been practicing with the other girls for four weeks, and we were so proud of her willingness to perform!  (The grandparent's wanted to see video, so you all get to view it along with them.  I apologize for the size and quality, I'll try and improve it when I'm feeling better.)
  The night of her performance was the second time I'd been out of the house since my long illness started, and it was a thrilling way to spend my limited energy.
 We had a little trouble with mail at the beginning of the March, so all of our Easter packages have been delayed until after Easter.  Our housekeeper came to the rescue though, and brought us onion peels so that we could still dye Easter eggs.
 Everyone was very excited over our traditional Montenegrin Easter eggs.  We'll use our other dye at the end of April when they celebrate Easter here in Montenegro.  Since it's an Orthodox country Holy Days are on a different schedule.
 And since we didn't want to miss out on the traditional American Easter fun, we happily accepted an invitation to the Ambassador's house for an Easter egg hunt, a visit with the Easter Bunny, and games.

We also managed to squeeze in two sight seeing trips, that I'm hoping to post about separately later this week.  Until then, Happy Easter!  He is Risen, and that is the source of all of our hope and joy!


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