Travel Log~ Part 2

Back the very next day, are you shocked?  I am!!  Let's not get excited though, because it's probably not going to be three days in a row.  I feel a little less guilty about taking so long to post about our next trip because we've been to the city of Niksic twice now, and technically the second trip was just over a month ago.

We decided to head up to Niksic by train on one of the first dry Saturdays in March.  After the windy roads down to the shore I really wasn't ready or willing to try the roads again, so the train was perfect.  We had a wonderful hour riding up and seeing the beautiful countryside, and were met at the train station by the lovely woman who helps me here at the house and her sweet niece.  

Niksic is a small town, and easily walkable so from the train station we headed out to see the fortress.

 Like Kotor, Niksic also has a walled fortress in addition to the new part of the city.  Unlike Kotor though, the Niksic fortress isn't maintained all that well, and other than an informational sign at the bottom of the stairs you can't get much information on its' history.

Considering how little effort is put into it, it's in remarkably good condition, and the views are extraordinary!

After our tour of the fortress we walked through the city and explored before having lunch and catching our train home.  During lunch I developed the first symptoms of my awful illness, and I was extremely grateful for the calm slow train ride home!
After I was feeling better we had the opportunity to travel back to Niksic, and this time I was brave enough to drive.  It turns out it's a very safe and straight road, thank goodness!

E and S joined me in meeting with a class of local middle school students who are learning English.  The students had been learning to talk about food, and we were invited to come and share American food with them.  It was so fun to meet them and share with them about our food while they graciously shared about their food with us as well.  The students also enjoyed meeting E and S because they were the first American children they had ever met.  At the end they presented us with a cookbook of local recipes that they had translated from Montenegrin to English for us.  It will certainly be one of our cherished memories of our time here!

We're looking forward to more opportunities to explore and meet new people!  It's the best part of the experience!!

chasing slow  – (May 8, 2016 at 6:41 PM)  

Your travels look so interesting and exciting to see the history behind your sight seeing.

A very special gift of the local recipes translated for your family. A true treasure of your experience abroad.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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