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Last time I posted I said I'd be back that week with two more posts.  I don't remember the last time I posted... definitely more than two weeks ago.  (Truthfully I'm a little embarrassed by my inconsistency so I don't even want to look at the date on the last post, seeing it when this one pops up will be enough.)

It's also been over two months since we took our first trip.  Time to finally share!

We ventured out of Podgorica the first time at the end of February.  After a three week delay all of our things were still in Malta and I was going completely stir crazy.  

On Wednesday I had had enough and booked a hotel down by the shore so we could leave Friday when hubby got off of work.  We came home Saturday, but it was just what we needed... with a few slight complications.  I'm beginning to grasp that life is ALWAYS going to have complications.  Maybe they aren't complications, they're just adventures as a dear friend reminded me this week.

This was our cozy little room.  Note the idyllic window on the clay tile roof, it's important!
 We got in late Friday night, but when we arrived the fire was lit and we were able to dry our shoes off from the incessant rain.  I've mentioned before that it rains a lot here right?
 We didn't actually stay in Kotor, we stayed in the sweet little village of Perast, and this was the view from our living room window of the bay of Kotor.  It takes about an hour, but there's a road that goes all the way around the bay so that you can get to those houses you see on the other side.  There's also a ferry that the kids are extremely anxious to take. 
 Remember the aforementioned window?  And the adventurous complications?  This is the after picture of a door involved in the adventurous complications.  Little W went into the bedroom with S, and decided to try out the lock.  Unfortunately the tumbler stuck in the locked position and it took two hours, several translators, four men, a housekeeper, six phone calls to the maintenance guy who kept telling everyone to just turn the key, and two trips through the window to get them out. 

The whole thing is funny now, but when I was trying to communicate with my husband after he had gone out of the window, walked across the roof, and gone in through a window you can't see, (Yup, you read that right.) while trying to order dinner to be brought in, and keep the baby from gravitating to the wood burning stove it wasn't nearly as funny...  Just being honest.

In addition to my husband going through the window the local handy man who was finally convinced to come help also had to go from the courtyard up through the window.  The damage to the door is just some of what had to be done to it to get it open and free everyone.
 After a lovely meal delivered from the hotel restaurant, a long explanation of why we don't lock doors in strange places, and a good night's rest we got up the next morning and headed to the old city of Kotor.  The city has a river on either side, mountains to the back and the bay to the front, and is fortified by the ancient walls we were standing on to take the picture.  

After sight seeing through the old city we took some time to rest and have fun.
 Lots of fun!
 Every park in the country seems to have seesaws, and our entire family loves them!
 The playground is just feet away from the edge of the bay, and even in the lousy weather the view is still breathtaking.

Our trip coincided with the beginning of Carnival in the city of Kotor, so we took the chance to enjoy a few of the family friendly festivities before heading home.

The old city is definitely something to behold.  Unfortunately the walls no longer completely surround the city so you can't walk all the way around, but there is so much fascinating history.  In fact after the little ones were in bed for the night the concierge came and told us stories of the local history.  We're looking forward to going back when it's not raining so we can take a boat out to the  Island of St. George, and to Our Lady of the Rocks.  Then I can share the beautiful history of them both! 

Now just two more travel posts, and a monthly update to get us all caught up...  They'll be posted soon, I'm sure!

chasing slow  – (May 8, 2016 at 6:37 PM)  

I can imagine that the lock situation was a bit of a scary ordeal. I'm so glad that there was a little window :)

Beautiful countryside photos of your travel.

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