January Wrap-Up

Looking back at the pictures January doesn't seem so bad, an anniversary, a birthday, and a wedding, but somehow living through it felt more like a sucker punch to the gut.

We said a lot of goodbyes in January, to visiting family, to friends moving to another country, and to an aunt who we love but who won't be with us on this earth much longer.  Pain like that isn't really glossed over by happy pictures, but at least the happy pictures remind us that we're trying to keep our focus on the right things.

When things felt the hardest, we slowed down for poetry teatime and treats, went to a little cabin in the woods so we could be in the snow and make snow ice cream, and of course we played.

There were multiple forts to hide away from the world in, we played with our food, and we plastered oldest sisters face for a still unfinished mask.  I'm not sure we'd have fun finishing the mask, but plastering her face, we all laughed for hours!

Daddy really pitched in with our learning this month too.  He helped us make a soda geyser, and played board games with us everywhere, even our cabin in the woods.

We took a 31 day Gameschool Challenge during January as well.  Daddy and oldest son are big board gamers, and I was excited for the motivation for the rest of us to get in on the action.  While we didn't play as often as I would have liked, it gave me the confidence I needed to include more games into our learning.  It also really opened my eyes to how much my kiddos learn from playing the games.

I hope you had a wonderful January despite any challenges that came your way, and that your February is off to a great start too!

In case you're interested in gameschooling the game pictured is the chemistry game, Compounded.  I love it so much we usually play multiple games once we get it out.

If you're interested in travel we went to the town of Kolasin, Montenegro to play in the snow and go skiing.















Oh 2016, what a year you were!  I hope as time passes that the happy moments captured here are all that remain in my memory, because I'm not sure I can stand to focus on all of the breathtakingly hard moments.  We survived, and on a few happy occasions even thrived.  Here's to a 2017 full of more thriving and less just surviving.

Thank you to all of the friends and family who helped us get through.  We wouldn't be where we are without you!



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